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Let’s travel! Six Suitable for backpackers in Japan as a reason to travel

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Japan is a well-known tourist country. Currently open to 67 countries visa-free travel. Visa-free makes it easier for more people from all over the world to travel to Japan. With the surge in Japanese tours, the number of backpacker tourists is also increasing. Some people may think that if you travel alone to Japan, you may find it difficult to speak, eat or play. However, traveling as a backpacker actually has many benefits! Some may also have not thought of before. In addition, navigating through the web is not a difficult task. Today, we will list these benefits and invite you to join the ranks of Japanese backpackers.

Free travel

No matter where you want to go, as a backpacker’s free journey is definitely the first choice. The schedule is entirely up to you; so you are completely free. You can choose the means of transport you want to take, where to stay overnight, how long in each place, where to go.

Look at Japanese society from different angles

Also, do not have the advantage with the tour, that is, you can experience and find that Japanese people’s lives. Being a backpacker allows time to stop and watch people living in this community. Unlike tour buses, which travel on tour buses, backpackers can get in touch with ordinary Japanese people by using local transport. This gives you a chance to understand the culture of what Japanese people do and do not do in their daily lives. This will be definitely a different travel experience. For example, you might experience how crowded trams are in the morning because most Japanese rely on mass transit for work.

Free to choose the meals you want to eat

Japan is best known for its cleanliness and food. You cannot deny that there are indeed some restaurants that can accommodate 30 people or more like a tour group. However, if you choose cheaper tours, the quality of the meal may also be lower.

So why don’t you find some affordable and renowned restaurants to enjoy the food? In Japan, there is an app called Tabelog, which makes it easy to find restaurants in the area. You can search for the food you want to eat and the closest restaurant to you. In addition, you can do well in advance to plan which restaurant to eat. Even if this software is Japanese, there are also English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean versions of the web version. So looking for food will not have much difficulty.

Japan’s most famous public transport

Japan’s most famous safe and comfortable public transport should be it! Light rail trams, underground trains, Shinkansen, buses, and taxis are everywhere, so traveling to anywhere in Japan is easy. However, what is most surprising is that mass transit in Japan is very punctual. Almost every train goes according to the schedule. This allows everyone to schedule more efficiently.

Regarding transportation costs, Japan’s transportation costs seem expensive due to the high price level. Even so, Japan still has a lot of transportation packages available, like the JR Pass, which can save you money. You can find a regional travel package, which will be relatively cheaper.

Travel in Japan, luggage is not a big problem

Many people think backpackers are a man carrying a big rucksack, but in Japan, this is not the absolute thing. You do not even need to keep your luggage everywhere. There are some places in Japan where you can store your luggage.

First, Japan’s sidewalks do a good job, so dragging luggage is not a problem. Each trail is smooth and wide, so dragging your luggage is less troubling.

Second, there is a service that can send your luggage to restaurants and airports. If you have big luggage, you can fill in the date of receipt and send it to your next destination. Japan courier service quite trustworthy, do not worry about your luggage will be lost or damaged.

Third, there are luggage storage cabinets near some department stores, railway stations, and sightseeing spots. The cost is calculated on a day and not expensive either. Therefore, backpackers can make good use of these facilities if they do not want to carry their luggage.

You can surf the internet anywhere in Japan

With the development of Internet technology, travel has become easier, because now the 4G network is almost all over the country. With high-speed internet transmission, Google Maps keeps you from getting lost and helps you navigate traffic routes. During the trip, you can also keep in touch with other people through the Internet at any time. Through the 4G network, you can also search for tourist attractions information anytime, anywhere.



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