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Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For You !

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Travelling is something millions of us enjoy doing on a regular basis. It allows you to leave your routine and take some time to discover new things, places, and people. But why exactly is traveling so good for you, especially when you are young? Here are few of the key reasons why you should definitely grab the next chance you get to hop on a flight!

Opens up your mind and heart

Travelling allows you to dip your toes into other cultures, customs, and languages. If you are willing and open, it can help you get rid of prejudice, stereotyping and make you an all-around more open and receptive person.

Self Confidence

During traveling you will be faced with a challenge you are not accustomed to and sometimes be pushed outside your comfort zone. This will allow you to build confidence in yourself in unexpected situations and improve your overall self-esteem.

Build and strengthen relationships

Not only does traveling allow you to meet many wonderful new people and form lasting and profound new friendships, but being away from home, the routine and the daily hassles can open up your mind and heart to a lot of things. Sometimes it necessary to be far away, in order to appreciate what you already have. Distance makes the heart grow fonder? Yes, it can! Family and friends get a different meaning when you don’t have them around.

Learning beyond the educational system

Hiking through ancient Mayan temples or lighting an incent stick in a beautiful Buddhist temple, there is something about physically being surround by these aw-striking wonders that makes you want to read and learn more about their history and origin. Travelling will almost forcefully inspire you to investigate and learn more, beyond the threshold of your formal educational horizon.

Travelling gives you perspective

Yes, we know that day-to-day life can be exhausting, stressful and really hard. Presentations, deadlines, exams, children, you name it. It is easy to lose sight of what really matters and how good we actually have it when we stay in our own bubble. Travelling reminds you, that you are actually pretty lucky and gives you perspective on suffering, stress and the important things in life.

Food for thought             

Every culture has their own flavors, colors, and customs of how they eat, prepare and share food. Experiencing this does not only open you up to entirely new food pallet but gives you a richer understanding of what the local people appreciate and value.

Experiences become memories

Essentially traveling is serious about experiences that eventually form memories. Sure, you may only have backpacked for 3 weeks, but those impressions, those lessons learned, people met, and photos taken stay with you forever. They not only make great stories and fond memories but tend to become addictive and you will almost guaranteed head out there for more.


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