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The Things you must know to start a travel blog

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Are you a travel blogger or simply a traveler? Do you have the ball for writing, photography or do you like making video clips of your travels? Do not worry, if I can do it too, believe me. Are you still waiting?

Give vent to the reporter in you and to the passion for travel and become a “guest blogger “for Travel Blogs. As? Just have the desire to make a blog about your trip or, why not, even the beauties of “your home”.

Not sure you know how to do it? Here are some ideas and guidelines:

Fresh, original and “interesting” contents. Your travel experience is the basis of every story! Each item must be 100% flour in your bag (and therefore owned by the author) because you were in that place!

“Concrete” and reliable articles to help other travelers. I believe that an article should not only excite but also give that straight and useful information to repeat (or avoid!) The experience. Lists at the end of the article with detailed information on costs, practical information on how to organize the trip and curiosity are always well appreciated. Or insert short input into the article itself even in a schematic way or enclosed in brackets, I assure you will be useful to other travelers.

Simplicity and sincerity. Travel Blog would like to tell a bit about this world with a colloquial tone, “easy” and straightforward, just in the way you would tell a trip to a friend. It avoids so much rhetoric and turns of words.

Be brief and concise. I know that from every trip there is always a lot to tell but we must also keep in mind the nature of the web and help the travelers themselves to find the information they are looking for in the fastest and most concise way possible. If your trip has been rich in experiences or you have visited numerous places why not write different specific articles about each location or divided by themes?

Capture the interest already from the title and the first paragraph to entice you to continue reading and learn more. This point will also be the key to the visibility of your article on the web. Clear for so much from your article the phrases made like “I went to the airport” or the style of the travel diary type 1 ^ day, 2nd day and so on … to us of Travel Blog like to go immediately to the point!

Every article must stand on its own. There is to be a second, third or fourth part to understand the contents and meaning of the journey, but each post must have a proper “soul”.

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Definitely helps!! The photos must be owned by the author. Send us 5-8 photos in support of your post at 800 pixels wide and no more than 600Kb.

It stimulates the interaction with readers/travelers and the discussion, perhaps concluding with questions or the request for their opinion.

And I recommend, unpublished content. We realize immediately if they have already been published on other sites. Mr. Google in this is rather spiteful and unforgiving!

Not sure what to write?? Impossible, there is a whole world just waiting to be told.

It’s easier than it looks. Take a look at some articles already published on the blog and you will understand that it is a “travelers” game. And you do not need to go overseas to tell your travel experiences.





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