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Thing to Know for Hunting in South Africa

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Visiting South Africa will give you a worthwhile experience no matter what you are looking for. For hunting enthusiasts, this is a perfect destination that offers breathtaking landscape as you hunt. Before embarking on your hunting safari, learn about how to acquire hunting permits, the laws that govern this activity and the allowed rifles. 

Why South Africa is Popular for Hunting

The beautiful country has amazing landscape, varieties of wildlife; hunting is allowed and can be done throughout the year. Although some species are endangered while others are protected, you will still go about the hunting. 

Tips for a Successful Hunting

Whether you are hunting to win a trophy or it’s just a hobby, you should focus on the success. There are various things that you should do to hunt effectively and comfortably. 

  • Have the Right Gear 

In South Africa, some rifles such as the automatic ones are not allowed. Get a rifle that is acceptable, wear the right boots in case you need to trail a target and wear the right clothing. It’s not always that you will shoot while standing. At times you will have to crawl or lay on the ground. Elbow and knee pads will be of great. 

  • Do not shoot until Sure

You do not want to waste your bullets. When it comes to shooting, you have to be sure of your aim. You will not only waste your bullets, but it could be a risk because it is now you against the wildlife. The bottom line is not to take uncertain shots. 

  • Be Aware of the Set of Regulations

There are different provinces where hunting is allowed. One thing about this is that the rules to follow and the available species vary from one province to the other. What is allowed in one province may not be allowed in another. For the game available, learn the regulations and the hunting regulations in general.

  • Book a Safari

There are many tour companies offering hunting safaris in South Africa. To have your best experience, book a safari. You will be accompanied by knowledgeable hunting guides who know the tactics and the best places to hunt. Booking a package will be more ideal for you.

  • Work within Your Budget

Hunting some animals is more expensive than hunting some other species. Just because you are in dire wish to hunt a specific animal that is beyond your budget does not mean that you should break the bank. Work within your budget.


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