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Why you should visit Peru if you are a Nature Lover

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If you are a nature lover, visiting Peru should be on your bucket list. Covered by jungles, this South American country promises an extraordinary experience. The highlight of the visit would be the famous Peruvian Amazon full of bright flowers, lush green forests and matured trees.

The Fun of Exploring

It’s fun and rewarding exploring the deep forests of the Peruvian Amazon. The forest is huge to a point that it has many areas that are yet to be explored. By boarding a cruise ship that takes you into the forest, you get to explore from different angles. The Amazon River has many tributaries that you can follow. This is a perfect chance to explore the rich flora and fauna of the rainforests.

Get to See Plenty of Wildlife Species

Besides exploring the rainforests on a cruise ship, you can opt to see more of what Peru has to offer. This rewards you with plenty of wildlife to see. You can visit the Manu National Park and the Tambopata National Reserve which are located near Puerto Maldonado. It’s unbelievable that this is where you get to see the world’s largest number of species here.

Float Through Lily Pads

This is also for nature lovers. It sounds scary but it is a fun way to explore the Peruvian Amazon. These are huge plants that are found in the tributaries of the Amazon River. You do not have to worry about losing balance as they tend to float even when you step on them. The largest get to 8 feet long.

Where to Stay

After a full day exploring the deep rainforests of the Amazon, you need to relax especially if you have several days. Although not recommended if you are not comfortable with cold weather, staying in a riverboat or a cruise ship are great options. Besides this, there are plenty of lodges where you can spend your nights. Each option is comfortable and gives you a soul-touching experience considering there are amenities that you require for your stay.

As a nature lover, spending some time in the Peruvian Amazon will give you an extraordinary experience. From exploring the different depth levels of the rainforests, staying in a riverboat to seeing varieties of flora and fauna, the Amazon in Peru is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. It requires several days to see the best of it.


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