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Work and Travel: Unique and Unforgettable

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Work-and-travel. We have all heard of it, but few actually do it. Take a year off between high-school and University, or between bachelor and master or give yourself a year off from work, or-or or…. Point is a year away from the routine of everyday responsibilities.

Sounds crazy right? Who has the time and money for that? Well, work-and-travel is the solution here. You spent several months traveling a foreign land, working along the way. Many jobs provide you with food and shelter and even give you a little extra cash. Jobs may include watermelon farming in Australia or working at the front desk of a hostel in Guatemala. The sky is your limit.

So why take the risk? Why leave everything behind at home and leave for a few months? Read on and find out.

Longer Travel                    

One of the biggest reasons no doubt, is that work-and-travel extends the time you are away from home, without the need to save up for years in advanced. You can travel longer while supporting yourself financially. This is especially attractive to backpackers, as it is a cheap and social form of getting around.

Given you will probably not earn as much as you would at home, but food and logging are included and every little bit helps.

Other perspectives

Working in an unknown country, in a foreign city and with people you otherwise may not have, gives you a whole new perspective on things. Are you the kind of traveler that wants to really get a feel for the culture, to be part of a community even if just for a little while? Work-and-travel is THE thing for you.

You will have the possibility to spend more time in one place and work side-by-side with other travelers as well as locals. It gives you the opportunity to feel much more integrated and by the time you leave, you will know all the secret corners that make a place special.

Lasting Friendships, Confidence, and New Skills

Work-and-travel is a beautiful experience, but it can be exhausting and no doubt there will be moments where you will feel pushed to the limits of your comfort zone. You may have moments you feel physically exhausted or get that famous culture shock. But you will get through this and once you do, it is an incredible confidence booster. And the best news is, you are not alone! Sharing all these experiences and being so close with those around you will be guaranteed to bring a bunch of amazing new friendships to your life!

Most people do not work picking Kiwi every day, or teaching English in an African Orphanage. Work-and-travel allows you to discover entirely new talents, new skills and confidence in yourself. You will learn not only about the foreign city but in the process, discover whole new facets you didn’t know about yourself!

Great for your CV

Many people do work-and-travel during a gap year between educational institutes, others decide to do it later on in life. Either way, having worked abroad or experienced such unique things gives you skill sets that are greatly appreciated by future employers. Teamwork, leadership, empathy – just to name a few – will stick out on your CV and give you that extra edge.

If you want to read more about work-and-travel, here are a few websites that can help you get an idea.

  • Gapwork
  • Work+Travel Company
  • Global Work and Travel
  • Remote Year

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